Dashboards based on
Blockchains data

9000+ cryptos have already been created
Vulkania wants to allow crypto communities to create and configure blockchain dashboards in an easy way.

  • Support of multiple Blockchains (BSC, ETH, DOT...)
  • Using multiple APIs / Gateways
  • Specialized development
  • Fully customizable
  • Token utility
  • Burns

VLK Token

VLK is an ultra scarce reflect token running on Binance Smart Chain (BEP20). VLK total supply is 40,000,000 VLK. No more tokens can be issued. VLK is the heart of Vulkania ecosystem and benefits holders.

VLK is a Reflect Token

Designed for holders

The VLK smart contract applies a 6% fee (5 + 1 %) to each transaction and instantly splits those fees among all holders of the token. Fees are awarded by the smart contract and are immediately available in the holders balance.

Interesting ROI

5% fees go to holders of the token. The percentage of fees you earn is calculated by the percentage of VLK that you own among holders.
We want to reward true holders that's why we designed this system.

Burn & Scarcity

1% fees are instantly burnt. This reduces the circulating supply and ensures the Vulkania token will become an ultra scarce token.

Progressive Burn

20% (8,000,000 VLK) of total supply is in a reserve for additional burns. Every quarter, 50% of total burnt fees will be burnt to increase scarcity of the VLK token.

Token name


Total supply

40,000,000 VLK


18,000,000 VLK (45%)


BSC (Binance Smart Chain)

Launch date

2021, 25th April


2,000,000 VLK (5%)

Contract address: 0x0921d788e7f7498f80adb0a0a62b8a9476f2db92

Join & Buy Token

on PancakeSwap
Slippage 7%

Tokens allocation


Our Roadmap

After token launch, we will focus on the release of the Vulkania app, adding many use cases to VLK token.

Powered by a team

Vulkania team has over 20 years of cumulative experience in web application development (sport, travel, blockchain).
Crypto enthusiasts and committed members of crypto communities, the Vulkania team owns all the skills to complete this challenge.

Toulouse, France
CEO & Co-founder
Toulouse, France
CPO & Co-founder
Berlin, Germany
Paris, France
Blockchain advisor

Any question? Reach out to us and we’ll get back to you shortly.