How it works

Step 1: Claim The Project

Contact @Dr_T_123 on Telegram to “claim” the project.

Step 2: Listing Application

Using our resources or ones you create, contact the project and have them complete our listing application.

Step 3: Listing Requirements Check

The VLK team checks the applicant to ensure they meet minimum listing requirements.

Step 4: VLK Team Discussion

The VLK team takeover discussions, the project is listed and you get paid 100 VLK for a limited time; will be reduced to 50 VLK after the first 200 projects.

Instructions & Requirements

Minimum Application Requirements for Projects

For projects you are considering “claiming” they must meet the following requirements:

  • Must be on the ETH or BSC blockchains. Bridges and dual-chain projects are still acceptable.
  • Must have an active Telegram channel in which the community can comment. “Announcement-Only” channels do not count. Community members must be able to comment.
  • Must be listed on Future plans to list on CMC are acceptable but we will not list until they are also listed on CMC.


“Claiming” a Project

Instructions to Claiming a Project

To receive your referral reward, you must “claim” a project. This lets the VLK team know you are pursuing a project so that no one else can actively claim it.

To claim a project first check the Claim Portal linked below to see if your intended project(s) has already been claimed. If you do not see your intended project listed then you can claim it! Contact @Dr_T_123 on Telegram to initiate a claim.

In your message, please provide the following:

  • The Project Name
  • The Project Ticker
  • The Project’s CMC URL
  • Your Wallet Address Intended for Referral Reward Payment

Rules to Claiming a Project

In your message, please provide the following:

  • Project Listing Applications MUST be completed by a team member of the project. The Listing Application cannot be completed by a community member or yourself (unless you are a team member of the project).
  • To start, you can only have 10 claims open at any one time. This will prevent a single individual from “claiming” 100 projects all at once. We will increase that limit for high-performers upon request.
  • Once a project is claimed you will have 10 days to have that project complete the listing application. After 10 days your claim will be removed from the claim portal. You can re-claim the same project multiple times. If a project completes the application within the 10 days, the timer stops and the listing enters a “pending” status. From there, the VLK team will handle negotiations and, once listed, you will receive your referral reward. A “Pending” claim does not count against your 10 claim maximum.
  • You can cancel a claim at any time.


Outreach Training & Resources

Understanding What We Offer

Token Transparency

One of Vulkania’s primary value propositions is that it places all relevant coin information in one spot: Major holders, recent transactions, TradingView charts, project website, social links and available markets. Users currently need to go to Etherscan, Dextools and CoinMarketCap to get all that info. It's all in one spot on

Cross Promotions

We have a growing and active community. Just take a look at nearly any one of Vulkania’s tweets. It receives respectable likes, retweets and comments every time. From REAL people for that matter.

Control of their tokenomics display

How many times have you seen the community bugging the team about incorrect stats on CoinMarketCap or CoinGecko? How many times have you seen the reply “We contacted them, but no update yet”? Vulkania gives the projects direct control of those stats. They don’t need to ask a 3rd party to fix basic token information. The projects control that information directly on

Furthermore, every project that is listed on Vulkania becomes part of the family. We have no problem with their community coming over to ours to talk about their coin (and everyone loves shilling their own bags). Vulkania will welcome new project’s into the Vulkania family with official tweet and Telegram announcements. This gives the listing project additional exposure.

It's Currently Free to List Most of The Time

For the majority of listings in the early stages of Vulkania’s app, we are offering free dashboard listings. We request that listing projects complete a few steps such as announce their listing, provide a link from their website to their dashboard and install the “/dashboard” command on their Telegram channel. In exchange they get an awesome dashboard and we introduce their token to our growing community.

Outreach Strategy

Unless you know your claimed project’s team already, you likely are going to need to reach out to them “cold”. That means you have to get your message across quickly and with as few words as possible. For all they know, you’re just another spammer offering “marketing packages”. If you have ever been an admin for a social channel, you’ll know you get 3-5 private messages a day offering some “marketing service”. So it's important you cut right to the point.

Your style of communication is up to you, but never spam, harass or get angry with those you are reaching out to. You are representative of the Vulkania brand and if you spam them with a private message every 4 hours, they will just block you and think less of the Vulkania platform. We offer what we offer. If they are interested then great! If not, that’s okay too.

Be yourself, be honest and be patient. Crypto is a fast-paced market with lots of spam / scams. Speaking to others like a human being instead of a target can do wonders in regards to your success in outreach.


To assist you in getting started with your outreach we have provided you a few resources. Some are ready to use as-is. Others can be used to create your own outreach resources if you choose.

Listing Application Form

This is the form your claimed project must complete in order to begin the listing process. Share this link with them once they are ready to move forward. You can use https:// to shorten the URL if you prefer.

Introduction Message

An example introduction message to send to your claimed project. Adapt to your style or create a new one. Remember: All your project needs to do is complete the Listing Application Form.

Hey there, we are interested in listing [ENTER_COIN_NAME_HERE] on our dashboard site Think of it as CoinMarketCap meets DexTools.
Listing fees are currently waived for the next 200 projects we onboard. Setting up your dashboard takes 10 minutes tops and we schedule some cross promotions for the listing announcement (included in listing; no fees).
Let me know if you're interested. Thank you

One pager

A one page flier detailing the benefits of to your claimed project. Note: It is not advised to lead with this attachment. Few people trust random attachments from random messages and rightfully so!


Explainer Videos

Useful explainer videos similar to the one-pager; only in video form.

VLK logo Zip

Vulkania’s logo pack for you to use to create your own outreach tools if you choose.


Banner Background ZIP

Generic background banners for you to use to create your own outreach tools if you choose.



Why Do I Need to Claim?

This ensures that:

  • The individual that worked to get the project to complete the application form is the one to get paid the referral reward. We do not have multiple people fighting over the same project and/or spamming the project admins.
  • If the VLK team does not know that you are working with a project, then another person claims that project and that project listed from your efforts, we will not know that it was you that deserves the referral reward.

View the Claiming Project section on this webpage.

Once a project has completed the listing application, the VLK team reviews the application within 2 business days.

Firstly, all projects must meet these 3 requirements:

  • Must be on the ETH or BSC blockchains. Bridges and dual-chain projects are still acceptable.
  • Must have an active Telegram channel in which the community can comment. “Announcement-Only” channels do not count. Community members must be able to comment.
  • Must be listed on Future plans to list on CMC are acceptable but we will not list until they are also listed on CMC.

Once the basic requirements are cleared, we review:

  • Blockchain Activity. We ensure that a project has semi-frequent and recent transactions (buys, sells, moves).
  • Twitter & Telegram Activity. We ensure a project has an active and “human” community participating in its social media channels.
  • Size of Community. A small community does not automatically disqualify a listing, but size of community does factor in to our review among the other items listed above.

First the VLK Team reviews the listing application. If all requirements are met and blockchain / social activity is adequate we message the project contact that completed the form.

We then enter into negotiations. Many times it is a simple agreement for cross promotions: VLK promotes them; they promote VLK. Other times, the agreement grows in scale and cost which can take longer to discuss and finalize.

Once negotiations are completed, we schedule a launch date for the project. Once the project is publicly announced, you will receive your referral reward.

The claim will be set to "pending" status on the Claim Portal. A pending status means that the VLK team is in open discussions with the listing applicant. The results of the discussions will remain unknown (listing agreed or listing declined) until the official announcement date.

Once your claimed project is officially listed, the VLK will send payment to the wallet associated with the claim at the next payment interval. Referral payment intervals are currently set to the 1st and 15th of every month.